Regional Networks

C3 Regional Networks Map

Regional Networks
C3 has been fortunate to engage and support some of Chicago’s finest environmentalists. We hope to take this engagement in a new direction through Regional Network participation.

C3’s success is, in large part, due to the fact that it has tapped into existing community leadership and provides ongoing support and resources for their efforts. Regional Networks serve to further support this leadership by creating a mechanism through which collective community-owned environmental action takes place.

Regional Networking creates local hubs of C3 volunteers in designated geographic areas that provide a framework upon which to build local relationships, organize grassroots environmental action, bolster existing environmental efforts and recruit conservation newcomers.

Our ultimate intention is that each region will uniquely define it’s goals and actions. C3 has determined a broadly defined set of goals for the Regional Networks.

  • Increase capacity building for leader and club projects
  • Develop leadership opportunities that are meaningful to C3 and each regional neighborhood
  • Create opportunities for greater collaboration among C3 volunteers of all tracks
  • Connect leaders and clubs with more local organizations and              vice versa
  • Create the capacity for volunteer self-sufficiency
  • Develop a centralized source of environmental awareness, actions and resources in each region of Chicago

Please view the Regional Network Activity page for updates and events.