Who are Community Leaders?

The mission of the Chicago Conservation Corps is to recruit, train and support a network of volunteers who work together to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and schools through environmental service projects that protect our water, clean our air, restore our land and save energy.
C3 is an initiative of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum with support from the City of Chicago, which – in collaboration with Partner Organizations – supports C3 Leaders by providing training, technical assistance, and resources.
Participate in hands-on demonstrations, “big picture” talks from experts, open discussions, case-studies, small group working sessions – these are all ways to explore Chicago’s most pressing environmental issues and what you can do about them. In addition to exploring the issues, Leaders will work alone and in groups during the training course to develop their Leader Project and network with fellow Leaders.

Even those who already have a good understanding of environmental issues will learn new things in this course. Special attention is given to teaching grassroots community organizing skills. Experts share their real-world experience with you, making important connections for future action.

The training course consists of:

Orientation: a one hour meeting to give an overview of the course. See this page for upcoming orientation dates.

Six core classes that cover conservation principles and skills in:
Water: conserve water, manage stormwater, and improve water quality
Green Space: be a steward of Chicago’s open spaces
Waste: recycle, reduce, and reuse
Energy: use alternative energies and make choices to promote energy efficiency
Green Health: promote indoor and outdoor air quality, active transportation, and healthy eating
Community Organizing: recruit and manage volunteers, lead community projects
Project Development: complete a community asset map, manage a budget, make a plan and carry it out
Project development and implementation: Design and carry out an environmental service project with support from C3 Partners and staff over the course of several months. Support includes project development guidance, mentoring on community outreach, and up to $400 worth of materials and supplies for the project.
Training Fee A fee of $75.00 covers the five-class course, project support and materials. Financial assistance is available upon request.

Learn about C3 Leader Projects

Leader Project Guides

Our next training series begins Spring 2015.  Check back for more details in the months ahead!