C3 Leader Kris Krupa demonstrates weatherization kit items.


The Chicago Conservation Corps invites you to participate in our  Community Weatherization Action Teams (CWAT).  This program equips Chicago residents with weatherization education, hands-on techniques and low-cost materials to help you through the winter months.




How do you get involved?

Visit the C3 Event Calendar to find a weatherization workshop in your neighborhood.


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Where can I get a weatherization kit?
Weatherization kits and training are available through weatherization events hosted by community-based volunteers. Those events are posted on the C3 calendar.

What if there isn’t an event in my community or I can’t attend any of the events?
Education: Training resources are available online (also available in Spanish). We have also created a list of online resources to help you through your weatherization process.
Materials: The materials included in the kits are very low-cost. These materials are readily available at your local hardware store.

What if I want a kit, but can’t attend an event?
Unfortunately, these kits are only available to those who attend an event. However, you might be eligible to receive free or reduced cost services through the programs listed on the local resources page.

I work for a non-profit that would like to host a weatherization event. How can I get a volunteer to lead a project in my community?
Part of the strength of our program is that our volunteers are given the opportunity to choose their own communities in which they will facilitate their projects. We have found that this helps them lead stronger projects and have a greater impact. That said, our volunteers represent neighborhoods and schools in every ward of the city, so there is a great chance that there is a volunteer near you. We’ll gladly take your organization’s contact information and share it with a volunteer in your community; however, the decision is up to the volunteer as to whether or not they will work with you.
(Note: Kits were distributed in every ward last year through this same program.)

Why did the City stop offering the Winter Preparedness Fairs?
Through that program, residents were given kits but were offered little support to actually install and use the materials provided. This program provides greater knowledge of weatherization and energy efficiency. Also, our volunteers serve as a lasting resource in your community should you have any further questions or need any additional assistance; you can turn to them after you receive your kit for more support.

How many events are taking place? How many kits are available?
At this point, we expect 50+ events to take place with as many as 3,500 kits distributed.

Please note: that only one kit is available per household.

All recipients must reside within the city of Chicago.

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