Speakers Bureau

The C3 Speakers Bureau is a collection of C3 staff and environmental community leaders who are actively engaged in protecting the environment and improving the quality of life in their communities. C3 Speakers have substantial experience leading and organizing grassroots environmental projects in all of Chicago’s neighborhoods.  C3 speakers are well versed in conservation topics like composting, local food access, rain barrel installation, recycling and creative reuse, energy efficiency, weatherization, bicycle maintenance and more.

There are several ways that the C3 Speakers Bureau can be helpful to your efforts, examples include: speaking to your block club, leading vermicomposting demonstration for your youth group and hosting a table at your neighborhood festival.

Ready to get started? To request a speaker, submit a request here.  Please keep in mind that all requests must be made at least three weeks prior to your event.

After the event, we invite you to share your experience with C3 Speakers by completing the Speakers Bureau Evaluation Form. Your feedback is very valuable to the ongoing improvement of our program. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Are you a C3 Leader interested in joining the Speakers Bureau?  Sign up here and help us spread the word about conservation in Chicago.

Any questions about the program can be directed to Jill Doub, Manager of Volunteers and Interns at the Nature Museum at jill.doub@naturemuseum.org

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