Regional Network Toolkit

The following documents are available to assist your group as your regional network unfolds. If there are additional resources that you would like to see posted or if you have additional materials that would be helpful to other Networks, please contact the C3 team and will would be happy to share more information

Developing your Regional Network
Regional Network Organizing Manual
Tools to help you develop an effective and organized Regional Network

Community Resource Yellow Pages
Use this list to collectively track your community contacts, assets and resources.

The Community Tool Box
A great resource for planning, building and developing effective grassroots engagement campaigns and strategies

Planning and Developing Your Network’s Ideas
More tools to develop your Network’s activities

Event Planning Checklist
Make your Network events a success with this helpful checklist

Meeting Materials
Meeting Checklist
Tools to help make your meetings worth it for everyone involved

Sample Agenda
An organized agenda can help accomplish your goals and keep everyone on track

Group Cohesion
Team Building Activities
Good group cohesion is a must. Use these tools to develop a sense of team within your Network.

Use these tools to develop new ideas, prioritize your goals and get everyone on the same page.