North West

The C3 North West Side Regional Network is a collection of C3 leaders and teachers working to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods represented in the region. The North West Region includes the following neighborhoods (neighborhoods with the most active members are in bold):

Logan Square
Lincoln Square
Albany Park
Portage Park

Belmont Cragin
Irving Park
North Park
Forest Glen
Jefferson Park
Norwood Park

Active Members
Serena Larkin, Reporter and Outreach Contact Person,
Liz and Martin Dyrst, C3 leader
Taryn Kurth, C3 trainee
Kathleen Boyle, C3 leader
Kevin Anderson, C3 leader
Sameera Savarala, C3 staff
Rekha Rao, C3 teacher at Foreman High School

When: January 8 at Liz Dyrst’s home
Where: Contact Serena Larkin for meeting location
Frequency: Every two months

Want to get involved in the C3 Regional Network? Learn about what C3 leaders, teachers and students are doing to improve your neighborhood at the next Regional Network Meeting. Get in touch with the Outreach Contact Person, Serena Larkin

Check out the North West Regional Network Google Page for regular updates and upcoming events. If you would like to post on the website, please email Serena Larkin at and she will register you.


Regional Strengths (as defined by the members)

CROP Orchard Project to be installed in Logan Square

Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse

Portage Park Farmers Market

Humboldt Park Restoration

Boulevard Systems

Parks Stewardship

Neighborhood Cultural Diversity

Issues in Focus

Recycling disconnect; limited use, education and access to recycling information

Composting education, skills and installation

Parks Stewardship



Current Projects

C3 Leaders Serena Larkin and Thomas Berbas: Logan Square Weatherization Workshops November 23 and December 4

C3 Leader Taryn Kurth: Horner Park Weatherization Workshop, December 12

C3 Leader Kevin Anderson: Horner Park Neighbors Weatherization Workshop, December 18

C3 Trainee Anna Singh: Parks and Boulevard Stewardship Project coming this Spring


Future Actions

Learning more about the Clean Power Ordinance

Increasing outreach and involvement in the C3 Regional Network