Where to find C3 Leaders on Twitter & Facebook

Thank you for joining us. Let this be your guide to finding, liking, and following leaders from the Chicago Conservation Corps. If your name needs to be added, leave your twitter handle or facebook page in the comments below. Thank you!

chicago conservation twitterTwitter:

@ChiConservation – our Twitter account

@CariMclean – Manager, Social Media @HIMSS & @mHIMSS. Self-proclaimed green nerd. Former ballerina. Loves vegetables and goat cheese.

@DanaMcKenzieLee – healthy food blogger- vegetarian & pescitarian

@ecoactivista – I’m a mom of 2, sharing my experiences and info on living a non-toxic, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle in Chicago!

@JennyJeronimo – Time Travel Agent. Creative Director Designer. Singer Songwriter. Leader of new Chicago chapter of @SheSaysUs. #changetheratio


@lafleen – Conservation, laughter, compassion.

@letUbeU – Blogging & fighting for your future. My weapons: Science, Conservation, & Happiness. Doing it w/ chronic arthritis pain.#letUbeU

@LivCohn -

@martinmaciasjr - Writer/journal-activist at @radioarte/@AREAchicago – working towards immigrant/environmental/social/economic justice – FC Barca fan. Organizer at @chicagofair

@MegMatthews – Environmental communications and urban EE leader. Sustainability newsmonger, green chronicler, social justice advocate, bird stalker and self-confessed ecogeek.

@RobWestPlumbing - Full service plumbing shop. 773-290-8232 Chicago and Chicagoland area. specializing in flood control, furnace and boiler repair. Green Plumber.


Chicago Conservation Corps

Elsa Jacobson

Jake Williams – Adopt-A-Beach page


Mark Brouwer

Olivia Cohn

Kristen Pratt

Rob West Plumbing