Volunteer Spotlight

May 2011

Meet C3 teacher Josh Parker and the Green Action Alliance at Curie High School in the south west neighborhood of Archer Heights.

The Student Clubs program provides assistance and training for CPS and charter school teachers that want to help their students lead after-school conservation efforts in their school community. Josh and his student club are a part of the C3 New Clubs program. This new club had a mighty impact on their school and community environment.

The 2010-2011 Curie Green Action Alliance Accomplishments
-Started the first classroom paper recycling program (hitting over 150 rooms!)
-Initiated a “Turn Off the Lights Campaign” that’s saved hundreds of bucks and thousands of pounds of CO2. Currently, the club is planning a water conservation project.
-Stewardship projects like International Coastal Cleanup Day (9/10) and volunteer restoration of Theodore Stone Forest Preserve

Currently, the club is trying to win a “three-peat” as the top fund raising high school in the Climate Cycle Ride to Recharge to expand the solar panel system installed as a result of their fund raising last spring!

Favorite Initiative of the Green Action Alliance
Josh and the student club are really proud of the work they have done to improve recycling at the Curie. Work on the initiative started last spring and a year later, their planning, running around the building, and building awareness has now paid off with a functioning classroom paper recycling program!

Future Projects
This summer Josh will be bringing ten amazing Curie students to the Peruvian Amazon for ten days! Curie was chosen as the Chicago school for the 2011 Global Explorers/Learning Afar International Travel Program funded by Pearson Publishers. While in Peru, the Curie club will explore the incredible natural and cultural highlights of the Amazon. For many students, this will be their first international experience, and Josh will be there to share it with them.

A little bit about Josh
Josh describes his greatest environmental interest as getting kids outside. His passion for environmental work stems from a deep appreciation for the natural world as often experienced through his many hiking, biking, backpacking trips. Josh encourages his students to experience the physical and emotional benefits of being in the outdoors. His aim is to expose his students to power of the natural environment to motivate young people to get involved in environmental work. Much of this drive comes from his work as a U.S. National Park Service Park Ranger where his daily job was to connect people to the natural world through experiential education. Josh believes that every student in Chicago should have the chance to connect with the natural world, no matter how urban their neighborhood might be. As a CPS teacher and club sponsor, he makes it is duty to see that this happens.

“My favorite action is being outside with my students. Wandering through the forest preserves soaking in the sights and quiet, hiking through the forests through the seasons, breathing clean air, and just enjoying the moment. I want to create as many “moments” as I can like that for my myself, and my students.” -Josh Parker

Thank you Josh and the Green Action Alliance for your extensive environmental work this school year. We wish you best in Peru!


April 2011
Meet C3 Leader, Anthony Lindsey. Involved in the Environmental Leadership program since 2009, his leadership has been evident through his extensive participation in the Low-Cost Weatherization Program. As the 2010-2011 weatherization season comes to a close, here are some highlights of Anthony’s work.

C3 Volunteer Projects
November 2009. Anthony led a Low-Cost Weatherization Workshop for thirty-one fellow employees.

May 2010. Anthony led his co-workers at the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services to win the $800 Savings Challenge. As a result, Anthony and his team made a $1,000 donation to Growing Home, Inc. and was able to present the check to them at the weatherization workshop held later that year.

November 2010. Anthony conducted his second Low-Cost Weatherization Workshop for thirty-one fellow-employees.

February 2011. Anthony organized his third Low-Cost Weatherization Workshop for twenty neighbors at Edward Coles Elementary Language Academy.

Going Above and Beyond
Anthony is C3’s “go-to” weatherization volunteer. In addition to organizing and facilitating three weatherization workshops, Anthony has lead several community speaking engagements through the C3 Speakers Bureau. In 2010, Anthony spoke about weatherization at four community events: Family Eco Night at Pulaski Academy, 7500 S. Clyde Block Club Weatherization Workshop, Bethlehem Star Energy Fair, and Green Festival.

Planning for Future Endeavors
When Anthony is not leading weatherization workshops, educating his neighbors or donating funds to worthy causes, he still finds time to think about future environmental initiatives to undertake. He would like to start an “Adopt-A-Viaduct” Program throughout the city as a way to maintain community development and beautification efforts.

Anthony’s main objective: CLEAN AND SAFE
Anthony lives by this sentiment “Prevent, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!”


March 2011
C3 Volunteer Projects
During her short time with C3, Kathleen has quickly become a staple in the C3 Leader program. In less than two years, Kathleen has organized and led FOUR community based environmental action projects addressing a wide range of environmental issues.
1. 2009- Rethink Retrain Return: Recycling Panel Discussion
2. 2009, 2010- Low Cost Weatherization Education workshop series
3. 2010- Green Cleaning workshop at CPS
4. 2010- Rain Barrel & Compost Bin workshop at the Northwest Housing Fair

Going Above and Beyond
We are constantly amazed at Kathleen’s boundless energy and enthusiasm. On top of working full time and leading grassroots initiatives, she is always willing to lend a helping hand to her fellow C3 volunteers and community members. Kathleen has taken part in a ton of new C3 events and initiatives, here are a few examples: Family Eco Night at Pulaski Academy, Kilbourn Park Fall Harvest Celebration, Portage Park Earth Day (team member with C3 leader Morgan Conlon), Carbon Nation screening event volunteer, C3 Northwest Regional Network participant, participant in C3 Explorer volunteer opportunities, and Speaker in the C3 Speakers Bureau. Professionally, she is a part of the Green Schools Symposium and the CPS Green Team.

Planning for Future Endeavors
Find Kathleen on March 5 at the Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse leading yet another rain barrel and compost bin demonstration! Kathleen told us a little about her growing interest in water conservation, “I am working on ways to collect water when my building owner is not in support of rain barrels in her yard.” She is also super excited as she gears up to harvest compost from her worm bin for the THIRD time!

Kathleen’s main objective: EDUCATION
“My environmental interests are vast, but my main objective is education on the whole subject of conservation. I try to educate one person on a daily basis even if it is a tiny fraction of an element of conservation. People need to know about all avenues of conservation so they can live a better life and contribute positively to the whole world.”

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