Announcing the Sustainable Backyards Ambassadors Program!

Do you want to learn about composting, rain gardens, and other green infrastructure solutions on a more technical level?

Do you want to give back and be involved in bettering Chicago’s environment by educating your community?

Join us in creating a more sustainable Chicago by becoming a Sustainable Backyards Ambassador!
As an Ambassador, you will:

– Receive in-depth training on urban flooding issues, green infrastructure solutions, rain garden installation, rainwater harvesting, and composting

– Meet and connect with experts in flooding control, green infrastructure, and sustainability in Chicago

– Lead efforts to help Chicago residents reduce flooding, control stormwater runoff, and keep food waste out of landfills

– Have fun meeting new people and connecting with your community
Sustainable Backyards Ambassadors must attend one mandatory training session, which will be held from 5:30pm – 9:30pm on Tuesday, August 20 at the Center for Neighborhood Technology (2125 W. North Ave). Experts on the topics of urban flooding, green infrastructure, rain garden installation, urban forestry, and composting will give in-depth presentations on their technical area of expertise, including detailed instructions on installing rain gardens, planting trees, and composting science. You will leave with a resource book and a more thorough understanding of the Sustainable Backyards program itself. After the training, you will have the knowledge to educate your community on why and how to bolster its use of green infrastructure.

A $40 deposit is required to participate in the program, and will be refunded in full upon completion of 40 hours of volunteering with the program. Activities that count toward these hours will include attending official Sustainable Backyards events, giving presentations about the program and green infrastructure at community events, organizing your own related events in your community or organization, writing blog posts, and more! We will provide educational materials and organizational support throughout your time with the program.

Please RSVP for the training session here. Email with any questions or for more information.

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