Chicago River Day 5/11 – sign up today!


In 1992, Friends of the Chicago River hosted 25 volunteers for “Chicago River Rescue Day.” That small group “rescued” the river by pulling old shopping carts, mattresses, and plastic bags from its banks. Little did they know that day would continue year after year, evolving into Chicago River Day which now hosts over 4,000 volunteers at 70 sites along the river each year.

You are invited to join Friends of the Chicago River and over 4,000 volunteers with thousands more beyond the banks for the 21st Chicago River Day. Volunteers will gather for a day of hands-on environmental work along the Chicago River. Volunteers range in age from pre-schoolers to seniors, represent a wide variety of ethnic and economic backgrounds, and reside throughout the 673-square mile Chicago River watershed. They work side-by-side to collect garbage and sort for recycling, remove invasive vegetation, spruce up river-edge trails, plant native seedlings, and much more.


These two sites need more volunteers.  Can you help?

Riverside Shopping Center – 3145 S. Ashland, Chicago. This site is along the banks of Bubbly Creek and is best suited for adults only.  To learn more about this site and sign up to volunteers, please click here.

ŸOrigins Park – 2701 S. Ashland, Chicago. This site is located at the South Branch Turning Basin where the South Branch, Bubbly Creek and the Sanitary & Ship Canal converge.  This site is suitable for adults or children.  To learn more and sign up for Origins Park, please click here.

Are you interested in other sites throughout the city?  Visit our main event page listing with details about all of our Chicago River Day locations by clicking here.

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