Moving Design is a coalition of artists and designers, working with community partners, leading initiatives that inspire change through the power of design. We use creativity as a catalyst for change, moving our community to action.

Moving Design, in conjunction with the Chicago Conservation Corps, has organized a group of designers, artists, and activists to create interventions in the West Loop focused on the idea of sustainability. They developed the USE LESS / DO MORE  campaign. During the month of April, USE LESS / DO MORE will be set loose on Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood—implementing an orchestrated effort to lower tolerance for waste, encourage methods of creative reuse and suggest ways for the community to live more sustainably.

USE LESS / DO MORE participants have engineered an educational website utilizing Isotypes; a photo and video competition spurring community participation through the use of Instagram and Vine; mud-stenciled slogans; microscopic yet poignant pop-up parks and Works Progress Administration-inspired posters in local storefronts.

“I’m excited about (Moving Design’s) West Loop sustainability project and can’t wait to see what they come up with. Artists have always been one of the unspoken inspirations in our world, so it’s only fitting that this is being done,” said Alderman Walter Burnett.

On April 20th we will celebrate our interventions in a public event at Haymarket Brewery. From 1:30-4pm, the community is invited to see documentation of our installations, view videos and imagery from our #CaptureGreen competition, ask questions of our expert advisors, participate in demonstrations, and have the chance to get products to make their own lives more sustainable.

Posters can be seen throughout the month of April at Perman Wines, La Colombe, Mox Multisport , Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin and Metropolitan Chicago, Threadless and Haymarket Brewery.



Moving Design

Moving Design is a coalition of designers and artists, working with community partners, leading initiatives that inspire change through the power of design. We use creativity as a catalyst for change, moving our community to action.

Founded by Rick Valicenti/3st, Moving Design is focused on bringing together the brightest designers to shed light on issues that remain unseen and unheard. Through creative initiatives on pressing issues, Moving Design engages, informs, and activates the public.

Previous Programs: Intervention on Water Intervention and Bike Safety.

Chicago Conservation Corps

The Chicago Conservation Corps (C3) recruits, trains and supports a network of volunteers who work together to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and schools through environmental service projects that protect our water, clean our air, restore our land and save energy.

C3 is a program of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, with support from the City of Chicago, in collaboration with partners across the city. This Moving Design intervention was inspired by one West Loop resident’s participation in the Chicago Conservation Corps.

For more information, visit:

Image captions

MD-Directors-ValicentiPaprocki-01.jpg: Co-Directors Rick Valicenti/3st and Robyn Paprocki/3st discuss the current Moving Design Call-to-Action, and plan future interventions.

MD-Production-Intervention-01.jpg: Moving Design Participants Craig Stover and Nikole Gramm build one of our first interventions in the west loop, a typographic installation encouraging the community to refuse to make more trash (or, refuse). The installation was created from cans found on the streets in the surrounding area.

MD-Production-Posters-01.jpg: Moving Design Participants Jessie Devereaux and Lauren Gallagher work with David Sieren of the Post Family to letterpress a series of prints that will be installed in the West Loop neighborhood and at the Haymarket event on April 20th.

MD-Worksession-01.JPG: Gordon Gill speaks to Moving Designers on building sustainable architecture.

MD-Worksession-02.JPG: Led by Rick Valicenti, Moving Designers begin to brainstorm about ways to best engage the West Loop community in sustainable living initiatives.

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