Register for the 2013 Park Advocacy Conference on 3/9

When: Saturday March 9, 2013, 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM CST

Where:South Shore Cultural Center,7059 S. South Shore Drive,Chicago, IL


Maria Dmyterko Stone
Friends of the Parks
312-857-2757 x17

Please join Friends of the Parks and the Chicago Park District on Saturday, March 9, 2013 for the 4th Annual Parks Advocacy Conference. This year’s Conference will focus on giving Park Advisory Council’s a sense of ownership to their parks.

The Conference breakout sessions will highlight Communications, Programming, Finance, and the Chicago Park District’s strategic plan.

8:15 am registration and networking

9:00 am keynote address

10:00 am  Breakout Session

11:00 am  Breakout Session

12:00 noon Breakout Session

1:00 pm Park Security Summit

Following the sessions please participate in the Park Security Summit.

With summer right around the corner park advisory council members want to be proactive about keeping their parks safe. From numerous conversations with PAC’s we understand that it is important and necessary to discuss safety and security in our parks.

The PAC Conference Committee has coordinated a panel of community members and officials to hear concerns, ideas, and successes from PAC’s across the city. The panel will share ideas and plans for park safety this summer and give the park advisory councils advice on working with the Police Department and the Park District to improve security issues in parks.

This panel would focus on security issues in the parks that our park advisory councils have identified as problems including drug sales, gang turf issues, vagrants taking over the parks, security cameras (both police and OEMC), and vandalism .

Invited to participate on the panel are: Superintendent Garry Mc Carthy (Chicago Police Department), Sargent Chapman (3rd District), Thomas Byrne (Chicago Park District Security Manager) and Alderman Cappleman.

We want you to share with us your thoughts on park safety! When you register please submit any questions of success to be included in the panel discussion.

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