Help rescue native plants living at Northerly Island Park

Help rescue one of our native plants living at Northerly Island Park this Saturday, October 27 from 10am – 2pm. These plants live in the section of the park that will undergo habitat development by the U.S. Army Corps this fall.

The Chicago Park District, The Field Museum, Chicago Audubon Society and Openlands with the assistance of Greencorps Chicago will be on hand to help dig up some of the plants for people to take home and plant in there yards. Plenty of shovels will be available. Plant species include (in order of greatest presence):

Andropogon scoparius –Little Bluestem
Bouteloua curtipendula- Side Oats Grama
Monarda fistulosa- Wild Bergamot
Aster novae-angliae- New England Aster
Ratibida pinnata- Gray Headed Coneflower
Solidago rigida- Stiff Goldenrod
Verbena stricta- Hoary Vervain

For more information call (312) 742-4072 or email Jason Steger at

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