Need Some Gently Used House Parts?

You recycle bottles and cans. And paper. But what about windows? 2x4s? Countertops and cabinets? Gary Zuckerman does it all. He can help you move it, too. Here’s how he describes his business:

Recycle Plus offers resedential, commercial, and industrial recycling services for the public. In addition to this we sell reusable items like moving boxes, furniture, buckets, etc. Recycle Plus also does light moving jobs.

My wife and I are buying an old bungalow and planning renovation. A friend put us in touch with Gary and we’re planning to reuse materials that he collects and resells. It’s going to save money and energy.

Contact Gary at Recycle Plus by phone: 773-761-5937 …or by email:

4 thoughts on “Need Some Gently Used House Parts?

  1. I know Gary! He helped me set up a recycling program in an office building one time…

    Who posted this? Just curious :)

  2. Gary Z is our alternative recycler. He is a very very nice and honest person, hard working and doing very good work! We pay for him to pick up our recycling every other week. Michael H.- I’m so glad you found out about recycle plus and posted it here. email me

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