Not in Your Food?

C3 Leader Elizabeth Wyman says:

Whether you eat meat or not, here’s a little something you may want to read this from the Consumers Union (Consumer Reports).

In late December, the FDA decided that milk and meat from cloned animals and their offspring are safe to eat. This means that within a few months, FDA could tell the livestock industry go ahead and start selling cloned meat to your local grocery, without any label to let you choose whether you want to buy it.

I’ve just signed a petition urging FDA to keep the moratorium on meat and milk from cloned animals and their offspring in food and to require labeling of such products if FDA does allow them on the market. Sign the petition now by clicking here:

One thought on “Not in Your Food?

  1. Hey,

    Worked on a campaign called BioETHICS2006 last year, all about food policy around GMO’s and genetically-engineered meats and dairy. It’s so scary that they’ve done that – what a step backwards, gosh. Feel free to visit if you are interested in more info. about how to take action against GE food. There is also a national org. “The Campaign” — the Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Food — which offers template petitions, etc.

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