Other World Consulting

C3 classmate Kevin Murphy sez, “I received my regular newsletter from Larry, of Other World Computing, and was delighted to read this at the end of all the sales information and helpful hints.”

While it seems pretty far off now, I know it’s a lot sooner than it might feel that OWC will be in a brand new location. As I mentioned in the prior newsletter, we have found a location and construction on our new facility is expected to commence sometime in Feb or March. And we’ll be doing it right, as one of the first LEEDs certified buildings in the Midwest with the goal also of being the among the first (there are only 103 to date..) LEED building to achieve gold certification as well. Building to LEED qualifications has some up front costs that a regular building would not – but much of that cost is returned in energy savings over the life of the building and you can’t put a price on the environmental impact benefits. We’ve got one world and it’s up to each of us to protect it…

Larry goes on a bit from there, and here on their website. Not your average business, eh?

When I recently had a need for more memory in my laptop, this bit from Larry, via Kevin, got my business. Their prices and service were good, too. So they’ll keep it. Try them out.