About This Weblog

Ideally, this blog becomes a community practice, with many C3 leaders posting news — and anyone able to add comments or conversation about each news item.

To give this work a little beginning shape, I’ve posted a new page About This Weblog, offering some simple framing principles. C3 leaders are welcome to click the “login” link in the upper right corner to create a login for yourself, the first step to being able to post project and resource news here.

We’ll also be setting up an email listserve, probably later this week, for leadership conversation and connecting.

4 thoughts on “About This Weblog

  1. I tried to post something to the blog and I see that it is in draft status. Does that mean your moderator received it? Or is there another step that I missed? Thanks. Susan

  2. Susan, you need to click “publish” in the edit form. It’s a bit confusing because you might’ve already clicked “save” but that just makes it a draft. Need to publish now!

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